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Exploit PDF FUD Builds for All Versions of Adobe DC

This is FUD and private. There are many others charging ridiculous prices for this service and not even FOOD but in fact FUD.

  • Silent PDF Exploit
  • Embedded and also Download and Executable feature is available
  • Encrypt your file before using the builder Exploit PDF
  • After encryption make sure your file WORKS
  • Our product works for any Email: Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo/Webmail and also supports all kinds of Browsers …
  • Our product works for any HACKING tool and it is undetectable by all antivirus systems.
  • Our product is hard coded and also anti-reverse engineering.


Why Exploit PDF is the best choice in the market

Exploit PDF is a vulnerability that allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code. This works on weak versions of Adobe Reader DC.

You can easily convert your .exe files to PDF using our Python Builder. The builder we provide is FUD and it works silently. That means the user only needs to interact with the infected PDF file. As a result, the .exe file will run on the background.

Our Exploit PDF does not use any macros and this feature makes our product completely silent. Moreover, we have coded our Exploit Builder in such a way, to keep the detection ratio as small as possible.

Exploit PDF VS PDF Security

PDF security is all about guarding the user’s info and property from any kind of attack. Its main purpose is to make sure info is efficient and available to its intended users.

A major flaw of the PDF is allowing the import of related files with the use of Java Script. Although, the user can prevent such exploits by turning the script execution off.

In the effort to reduce exploit attacks, Adobe Systems made vital changes. Some of the changes are adding the auto-update features and the protected mode. In addition, a secure sandbox for displaying PDF files and blocking external malware calls. Also, ROP and stolen digital certificates have played significant roles in recent Exploits.

Furthermore, there are actions that can help the user protect himself. Such actions are updating Adobe Reader or Acrobat to the latest version, enabling auto-update, disabling Java script or simply using other PDF readers. Last but not least, educating users about the risks of attacks from PDF files.

Despite all these efforts, with our experience and our skills we will keep finding out the weak spots and exploit them. Finally, we are proud to claim our Exploit PDF will overcome the obstacles and prove itself more than worthy in the hands of our satisfied clients.

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